Mainly Manic Book Description

Aviana is a young woman living with bipolar.  She hasn’t been diagnosed and lives in a manic or hypomanic most of the time.  This takes you on a journey as she navigates a life of bad decision after bad decision until she winds up in a mental hospital.  It catalogs her shame, low self worth and finally acceptance that this is a part of who she is.

I am hoping to publish each chapter as I complete them.  I may even go back and change a few things.  As this is my work in progress.  The title Mainly Manic has been in my head for months.  The story is begging to come out.  As a person who has bipolar, I am hoping to convey the not so fun nature of a bipolar manic episode.  Bipolar  is often called the fun one or the better form of bipolar.  I have done so much more damage in a manic than I have ever done in a depression.



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