Chapter 2.1

Demi Lovato’s Sorry Not Sorry is blaring as we walk in the door. Three blonde princesses are on the counter dancing as the boys worship at their feet. Or more appropriately are staring up the skirts of these girls. I know what they need. A brown haired beauty to join and break up that blonde. Starting to climb up onto the counters, Hannah grabs my leg. “I am not joining you up there.” The look I give her says, no shit! She let go and there I go up on the counters even before I had a drink.

Sandwiched between a long haired blond with Caribbean ocean colored eyes. She is toned all 5’8″s of her. She has melded to my back and the tiny pixie who just made it past 5 feet with a pixie cut and emerald eyes is facing me and I grab her to pull her closer. This garnered a cheer from the boys below. Wow, I am feeling alive. I take my hand and brush it down the pixie’s face. Those bright red look way to tempting. I look down at her I use my hand to pull her into me for a kiss. I look down into her surprised eyes. She then pulls in closer as the three of us grind on the counter top for a few songs more. Shots are poured and everyone is partaking.

I hop of the counter and help the little pixie down. I have decided she is mine for the night. So I grab her hand and grab the first hot guy I see by the other. Heading to the back of the house to a more private room. Mr. BlueEyes looks dumbfounded. The lips he is sporting are glistening after he licked them. I pull him down the neck and put my lips so close that they are almost touching. Ensuring my eyes are intense, I stare deep into his and whisper,”if you want it take it.”

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