Chapter 2.2

I see the moment when blue eyes makes his choice and his mouth come crashing into mine. Yes, blue eyes, yes. Oh this is gonna be fun. My little pixie glides her tiny fingers up my stomach to my breasts. The tremble her digits create only increases my excitement. The tug on my hair by blue eyes catches my attention. The push and pull of my attention that these two are providing invigorates me. Soon we are on the bed in a tumble limbs removing clothes. I am lost in the passion and the thrill.

Once all three were satisfied, it is time to move on. Fully clothed again. Kissing the head of the pixie and blue eyes, I turn on my heels and seek out Hannah, seeing her I wave. Hannah is standing with Evan from her Business Law class. She looks so good with him. Seeing she is doing fine. Seeking more trouble she saw Jeremiah sitting on the couch.  Maybe he can become my new favorite toy. Making my way through the crowded floor.  plopping down next to Jeremiah. “Hey handsome. Any plans for the night?” Quick with a response, “I do now. Let’s get out of here.”

Pulling him up, I look at Hannah and wave her over. She is still with Evan.  “Evan can get you home right?” Yep.  I knew that I was getting that look. I really need to stop doing this to her.  She may be my last friend. Evan nodded. “Rena, this has to be the last you do this. I can’t keep doing this. Watching you do this again and again. I worry about you.” Looking at the sadness in Hannah’s eyes made her want to change. If only I could.  I reached for Jeremiah’s hand and asked, ” Your place or mine?  Did you bring your car?” He had brought his car and my place it was. Apparently, Jeremiah didn’t want to share tonight.


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