First or Third?

I realized I started writing with the intention of writing in third person. I quickly when to the comfort of the first person. Since really at this point this is something that is fun and therapeutic, I think I am going to see if I can rewrite what I have now in the third person and see what voice seems right.

What I do know is that the books I tend to gravitate to are in the third person. The last two books I couldn’t get past the second chapter we in first person. I am not really sure if it was just dry bland story telling or that it is hard for me to read first person. It might have a bit of both.

I also know that first person is easier for me to write in. I like to have a strong main character. I am loving the books that have a variety of characters or two main and we get to see the story unfold for all. This mean you have to write in third person.

So the ramblings of a hobbyist writer. I am finding this undertaking a point of growth and challenge and that I do like.

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