Chapter 1 Third Person Rewrite



Aviana hadn’t even opened her eyes as she languidly started to stretch.  She thought it odd this weight pinning her to the bed.  She lifted one eyelid and then squinted at the vulgar sunshine. Her eyes adjusting to the intrusion, she finally opens her eyes.  Peering back at her was possibly the most stunning set of blue eyes the world had ever known. Deep sapphire blue was at the center and they faded to the soft sky blue on the edges. His face was framed by a strong jaw that was stunning. His sun-bleached hair made him look innocent.  Avi wandered, how was this god-like man allowed to walk with us mere mortals?

The bed adjusted on Avi’s other side. NO no, no, no. Wait. Not again. What are their names? Oh, Avi you don’t know their names, again? Yes again.  Nope not take that guilt trip. A deep baritone warmed her body. “Hey there you sexy thing.” She crooked her neck to look at the man behind her.  There had to be a sexy man attached to that voice.  If he wasn’t that voice may just be wasted.  Please, please, please be another god. When she met a pair of hazel eyes with golden flecks. She slowly perused this new body. Avi was happy with what she saw, black adjacent curly hair flopped into those hazel eyes. He was muscled and tan. He looked like he could be a Greek god.

Avi as about to speak when that velvety sound filled the again. “I am Jeremiah and that sexy beast is Alex.  We didn’t exchange names last night.” She looked at Jeremiah and thought, things could have been worse.  Here she was lying in bed with two of the sexiest god-like creatures on earth. “Hey, my name is Aviana.  Just call me Avi.” Maybe last night wasn’t all bad. No Avi this is always bad. Who does this? She looks between the two men taking up the remainder of the bed. She was certain this might be the best way to start the day.

“So, it was great to meet you, it has been fun.” Last night was flooding into her memory. Well this is awkward. This can’t keep happening. What is the protocol for this? Do I do the walk of shame twice? As she began to move, she felt an arm reach out. She was looking into those hazel eyes and a smooth grin that had his dimples in view. She couldn’t help but smile. Avi’s heart did a little stutter.  Jeremiah framed her face and brought her in for a forceful kiss. He consumed her.  She felt the lips of Alex on the back of her neck. Her head fell back on a moan.  Jeremiah came back in for a kiss.  It was deep, steamy and full of longing.  The question was clear, Are we doing this again? Well Avi, In for a penny in for a pound. She reached for Jeremiah’s neck and down the rabbit hole.




Hannah was waiting at the window again. She was separated from Avi at some point last night. Hannah was worried as she paced in front of the window. She worried about her best friend.  Avi had been with her since they were eight. Avi brought joy and chaos into a room. People either hated or loved my favorite person. Hannah thought about all the times she waited for Avi. It was so hard to love her. Worrying was part of loving her.  People have come and gone from her life, it is hard to stay. Hannah looked down at her phone and realized it was time to reach out and make sure Avi was okay.


Hannah-Where are you? I am getting really worried. It is past 9 and class starts at 10.  I searched the house and you are no where to be found. 


Common Avi. You need to be home.  Hannah continues to pace. Is it possible to worry a hole into hardwood.


Hannah-Avi, I am not humored.  Where are you?  Do I need to contact your dad?  You have 10 mins.


Her worry continued to grow.  One of these days, she is going to get into trouble that we can’t help with.


Avi-On my way Hans. I just had a fantastic time. It was two for the price of one.  I enjoyed the play.  Be home in 10 mins.


Hannah knew that Avi was going to fall once she got home. She always did. It was so easy and so hard to love Avi.  Hannah was sure she had never known a friend to love as fiercely as Avi. Her love was intense, hard to handle and impossible for Hannah to walk away from no matter the amount of crazy that seemed to come with it.




The smell in Aviana’s car was one that you could just call shame.  It was a mix of Jeremiah, Alex, Avi, sex and a slurry of bodily fluids. The feeling was so good until Avi was alone.  She now knew it for what it was another way she was disappointing her friends and family.  Her parents were so happy to have Hannah at the same school.  She knew that they believed that Hannah would help keep her in check. Avi had turned wild at the age of 15. Hannah kept by her side.  She was so good to her.  Avi was certain that Hans was regretting going to the same college.  Hans was always babysitting Avi. She had to stay up late nights and sleep was rare for Avi’s best friend. Avi knew that she was luckier than most in the friend department. Avi hoped that all her antics wouldn’t chase Hans away.  It would kill her.


Avi screeched to a halt, jumped out of the car and streaked into the house. “Hey, Hans, I am here.  Taking a showing and will be out shortly.”


Avi hear a solid, “Yeah, Yeah.” She loved Hannah.


Avi stepped into her shower. Warm water ran down her head and down her long dark hair. She loved the feel of hands rough in her hair. Avi looked back on the night. Her body was sore.  The shame came and went. Right now as her scalp still felt the tingle from this morning, she was overwhelmed by the shame. Avi knew she was a disappointment when the voices in her head got any amount of silence. She shifted her back to the still cold tile. Leaning her head back unable to hold back the tears. She had the shame inducing offending clothes right out of the open shower door. As the water continued to flow she prayed that the shame would finally wash away.  How many times will you let this happen, Avi?  She picked up her head knowing that classes would be starting.  She turned off the water and stepped onto the floor.  Grabbing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a quick ponytail in her hair and she was ready to go. Stepping back into her room, she saw Hannah on her bed books on her lap.




Hannah looked up as Avi stepped into the room. “So, do you want to talk about it?” Hannah softly queried.


“You don’t want to be late to class, Hans.” Avi was clearly annoyed Hannah knew that she was fussy because of last night.  Hannah hated seeing her this way.  There were times she felt like Avi’s enabler. Hannah knew Avi was no drug addict at times she did wonder if Avi was a sex addict.


“We have to talk about this, Avi. You know that you are destroying yourself.  I see the tear stains. The shower doesn’t cover that. I love you. I want to help.  Nothing you do will make me leave.  We have been Havi since grade school.” Hannah lifted her pinky finger and Avi accepted.


“Havi for life girl. I am not ready to talk it out yet. It is always so amazing in when it happens. It is new and amazing.  I try new things. I only want more. Then I am alone, and my surroundings are empty, and my head gets full.  Let’s get going. We have art appreciation in less than an hour.”



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